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Threadlift Face Lift Q&A

This FAQ (frequently asked question) section reviews many of the questions and answers regarding the SMART Facelift™, the original one hour facelift procedure as performed by Dr. Adam Summers at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center (just minutes from Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia and Washington, DC).  The Q&A below are designed to help you understand how the threadlift facelift and necklift procedure is performed.  Other FAQ’s include:

     FAQ’s – Information to consider before having a Threadlift facelift performed

     FAQ’s – Post-op recovery issues

Q: Where is the Threadlift facelift procedure performed?
A: Dr. Summers performs all Threadlift facelift procedures in the comfort and safety of our certified out-patient ambulatory surgery center – The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.  The Center is conveniently located 15 minutes south of downtown Baltimore, MD, 15 minutes north of Annapolis, MD, and 15 east of Howard County, MD.  The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center is the region’s first true medical spa, with integrated plastic surgery and dermatology clinics, medical skin care and body treatments, laser services for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, and a licensed and certified ambulatory surgery center.

Because of the unique spectrum of technology and procedural resources available at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, patients are assured that they are receiving the best treatment option(s) for their particular concern(s).  We have all of the tools, knowledge and resources to determine if you are a good candidate for the Threadlift facelift, or if you will be better served by a different or additional treatment/procedure.

Q: How much time does the Threadlift facelift and necklift take?
A: The Threadlift facelift and necklift procedure itself is usually completed in under an hour.  However, Dr. Summers may spend more time inserting additional threads or making other modifications in order to achieve the best possible result.  Additionally, patients may elect to have other complimentary procedures performed simultaneously (e.g. neck liposuction, eyelid lift, lip augmentation, etc.) which will increase the surgical time.


Most patients having a Threadlift facelift procedure performed spend about 2 hours at The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.  In addition to the time spent performing the procedure, some time is spent completing paperwork and prepping for sugery.

Q: How large is the incision and where is it located?
A: Dr. Summers is the first surgeon to describe using a one-inch incision in the hairline above the ear to place and secure the Threadlift facelift threads.  Dr. Summers has perfected this facelift technique, enabling the anchor points to be virtually undetectable.  The Threadlift incision is typically “invisible” after it heals.  Although he cannot predict how any individual patient will heal, Dr. Summers has performed the Threadlift facelift and necklift on men with clean-shaven heads and there has been no visible scar.
Q: Will I be asleep for the Threadlift facelift?
A: The areas to be treated are anesthetized with novocaine, making the procedure painless.  Therefore, most patients choose to be awake during the Threadlift facelift procedure.  However, patients with anxiety or those who desire a more sedated experience may choose to have oral or IV sedation (additional fees may apply).
Q: Will I have pain during or after the Threadlift face and necklift?
A: After injection of the novocaine, the Threadlift facelift and necklift procedure is completely painless.  Patients are very comfortable and some even sleep through their Threadlift facelift procedure!  Once the Threadlift is completed, the novocaine will wear off.  Any minor discomfort can be treated with ibuprofen.
Q: How many Threadlift threads will be used?
A: For the standard Threadlift facelift and necklift procedure, 6-8 threads are typically used to elevate the cheeks, jowls and neck.  Additional Threadlift threads will be used as needed to obtain the desired result.

Dr. Summers inserts and secures each Threadlift thread with care and artistry to achieve the optimal result.